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  1. 24 Nov '09 04:17 / 1 edit
    Earlier, a thread was made about "Lack of interaction" with online chess.
    It got me thinking about the tournaments I go to.
    Some large, some small.

    Regardless of the size of the tournament, nobody talks to anyone!

    I am involved in sports and when we meet up we gather into groups and talk and drink it up...We don't even know each other but we can talk because we have a common bond.

    Why is it we can't talk to each other about chess?

    An example: I play at a club once in a while but I go to big tournaments and I see a woman who plays at the club and at these tournaments...I try to talk to her and she avoids me...Oh wait...She's married and I want her...not a good example.

    Oh Natasha...the games we play...

    Ok...forget an example...but still...Why do we segregate ourselves?

    (Segregate: means to seperate...for all you Texans)
  2. Standard member randolph
    the walrus
    24 Nov '09 04:31
    Meh, tournaments are about as social as it gets for me without females being present (New Mexico has ~ 2 women that play regularly). I'm 16 YO and about a 1700 USCF and pretty much when I'm not actively playing a game (and much of the time on break during games) I'm outside the hall talking to friends, same goes for after the games; a group of us gets lunch together.
    My point is: not all tournaments are without human interaction.
  3. 24 Nov '09 04:33
    16 and 1700uscf?

    "hey ma...get me me gun...I gots me a killins to do"
  4. 24 Nov '09 04:35
    Excuse me.

    I tend to resort to hillbilly talk when I am jealous.
  5. 24 Nov '09 07:25
    Originally posted by Automaton
    Excuse me.

    I tend to resort to hillbilly talk when I am jealous.
    I won't tell you about the 13 year old rated 200 ECF (c.2200 FIDE) I met at the last tournament I played, then.