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  1. 06 May '12 11:30
    Anyone who has got "Larsen spiller Bird" for sale?
  2. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    06 May '12 13:28
    Originally posted by Dumbom
    Anyone who has got "Larsen spiller Bird" for sale?
    Is that a fishing lure?
  3. 06 May '12 14:33
    Originally posted by sonhouse
    Is that a fishing lure?
    Sorry! I don't get it. Please explain.
  4. 06 May '12 14:59
    I think a 'spiller' is the name for fly fishing hook or something like that.
  5. 06 May '12 15:15
    In Danish it means "play".

    But who wants to play Bird after this game?

    Larsen, Bent vs Fischer, Bobby 1962
    show game on Danish TV

  6. 06 May '12 16:55
    I am not too sure we can condemn an opening on one game, especially
    when you consider that the player of the Black pieces was rather good. ( 😉 )


    32.Rxe7 looks like a shot, It wins a piece.
    Does the pinned d3 Knight get into trouble after 32...Qxe7 and Rd8.
    I can see a way out.
    My main reservation is the name of the White player.
    It's a blatant tactic (else I would not have seen it) If it was any good I'm
    sure he would have played it

    Though getting the Queens off (White's King is more exposed) and trying to make
    something of th passed pawns also looks playable.
    The g7 Rook is out of the game so it's 2 Rooks and pawns v R & B till Black
    untangles. (which he did.)
  7. 06 May '12 18:41 / 2 edits
    How many people want to play against the 1962 version of Bobby Fischer? (That is if all you want to do is win)
  8. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    06 May '12 23:18
    Originally posted by Dumbom
    Anyone who has got "Larsen spiller Bird" for sale?
    I would love to have the English version is there is one. Apparently Larsen wrote a very insightful review to Tim Taylor's recent book on Bird's Opening, and I would love to know his thoughts.
  9. 07 May '12 04:34
    I do not think that Larsen himself has contributed to this book. However, if you read danish (or german) you might get a kick out of Bent Larsen's "Alle Brikker Angriber" (which translates to something like "All pieces are attacking"😉.

    I have go tthe impression that this title is Larsen's update of his excellent games collection. A second volume is planned for the near future.
  10. 23 Jun '12 00:05
    Originally posted by Dumbom
    Anyone who has got "Larsen spiller Bird" for sale?
    Hi. This book is for sale on Amazon but the language is Danish. It's expensive too... this seems a difficult book to find anywhere in the world, especially in English.