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    Originally posted by @sonhouse
    Then there was Morphy and Capablanca......
    Mind you, that's what Capablanca claimed. It's well known that he was a bit of a bulls**tter when it came to his being a child prodigy who learned from nobody but himself. There's no denying his genius, but it's best to take stories about his youth with a grain of salt.
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    Paul Morphy wrote 52 chess columns for the New York Ledger from August 1859 to August 1860. While at university he had access to the latest opening theories from books. So he did study the game.

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    An update after a quick read and analysing the games by AlphaZero etc.
    My first OTB game turned out relatively well after changing my style to more positional.

    I was white and resigned. Not sure why it cut off some of the game at the end. But it turned out to be a lost end game after a few more moves.

    As you can see I'm not particularly strong, and my opponent was considerably stronger.

    I did lose, but learnt from my mistakes (I over saw the Knight take pawn+). Then I lost hope, but realised quickly next day that I could have drawn in the end game before completly messing up the game 🙂. So hopefully this is the beginning of better positional chess.

    The King move was done to get the queen into action quicker and couldn't see any obvious attack. But after further analysis, I feel that I should have pushed the King to C2.
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    Nice question and better answers , thank you all
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