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  1. 24 Sep '15 01:01 / 2 edits
    London 1851, no it's not the Immortal Game.

    A couple of Kieseritzky - Anderssen games from London 1851.
    They are a brace of blunders and Staunton has some sharp words to say.

    This leads onto to a pair of RHP games copying the blunders.

    A brief look at Lu, -v- Topalov from the 2015 World Cup with
    that total twat Endgame Ernie. (I'm going to bump him off.)

    Topalov shows how to defend in a Bishop v Rook ending.
    A couple of RHP lads show how not to defend this ending.

    Last Blog it was White Knight on a8 and h8 this week it's
    White Rooks on a8 and h8 and I actually found one with...

    Blog Post 268
  2. 24 Sep '15 07:04
    For me a real "immortal" game from now is the game recently played by
    Wei Yi (2724) vs. Bruzon Batista, L. (2669) at the 6th Hainan Danzhou CHN on 3 Jul 2015