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  1. 20 Nov '06 18:35
    Hi All

    Quick question: does anyone know of any good chess clubs in central London worth going to? Recently been thinking that it might be fun to get some OTB experience with a view of playing a little more competitively.

    Cheers in advance!
  2. 21 Nov '06 13:21 / 1 edit
    I was surprised that very few clubs came up in an internet search I did a while ago for clubs in London. I seem to remember there being one at UCL or was it Westminster Uni... The only other one that caught my eye was one run in a pub but they mostly played blitz.
    In the end I found one in West London, it didn't appear in the general 'chess club' search but Ealing has one. If you check out their website at you will see they play in a league with various other clubs in the area.
    Of course after all that searching I still haven't had the time to actually go there!
  3. 21 Nov '06 14:12
    I used to belong to Hackney Chess Club years ago, there were a lot of great people there and quite a few of them are still there:

    Kings Head are propbably the biggest chess club in London:

    If you are over eighty years old, then Metropolitan Chess Club is for you:

    Athenaeum Chess Club meet near Soho, which can be fun after matches!