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  1. 08 May '07 05:08

    I am very much interested in developing my chess skills. I am coming to the conclusion that at this stage I want to more so focus on developing my tactics and endgame. Right now I have Fritz 9 and CHessmaster 9000.

    I am considering possibly getting Total Chess Training because it says it gives training in openings, tactics and endgame. This software seems to give the whole package and people recommend the Convecta and this includes convecta. But I dont know if this software package will also walk me through endings such as king and queen vs king and rook and king and two knights vs king and pawn. I am also interested in arcane endings.

    I was thinking about Chess Academy and Chess Mentor and I got a reply from them saying they dont have the ending king and queen vs king and rook.

    I was looking into ABCs of Chess Endgames but the guy at said I would be better off getting Karsten Muller's DVD.

    I am also thinking I want something were I can also analyze my games. So, do you think I should upgrade my Fritz or Chessmaster 9000?

  2. 08 May '07 06:31
    you really don't need K+Q vs K+R. it's a mate in 30 moves or so most of the time (if played correctly by both sides), and it doesn't occur in games (almost never), and even in a grandmaster game it has occured, the side with the queen didn't manage to win the game. (because of the 50 moves rule). it's just that you need to find a way to fork the rook and the king with the queen, and the opponent has to avoid it. there's nothing else.

    total chess training is just excellent (I have it), there's so much material in there that it should be enough for years. go for it, and please avoid chessbase DVDs, they are not helpful at all, people pay lot's of money for them just to see a supergrandmaster speaking to them. to get better, you have to get tired and and solve questions by yourself.

    to analyse, fritz 9 should be ok.
  3. 08 May '07 12:41
    I meant to say i have Fritz 8. Diskamyl, I think you maybe right about Chessbase DVD. I am definately looking for something that is interactive. NOw, Diskamyl, I just have to find a deal on Total Chess Training.

    Diskamyl, Total Chess looks like a huge training software. Are you anywhere near completing it or gone through all of them?

  4. 08 May '07 15:33 / 4 edits
    no, I'm close to the beginning stage only. now I'm working on tactics only, (and K+P endgames from time to time), that'll be CT-Art (which is excellent) from total chess training and Dvoretsky's Endgame manual (which is for a little high-level players I think, but I had some prior knowledge, so it's not a big problem).

    but I have checked all the other programs in the package, and I found them all useful. I'm planning to be finished with them (maybe except encyclopedia of opening blunders) in the next 5 years, and maybe it's wishful thinking (that's not a joke).

    by the way, if you feel you really need a stronger tool for analysis, keep the fritz 8, and instead of buying a new program (gui + opening book+ database + engine) which is very expensive, buy a strong stand-alone uci engine (like Rybka, which is far stronger than fritz or shredder) and plug it in the fritz 8 gui. the others (like opening book or database) can be found free on the internet, in at least the same level with ones coming in those packages.

    I also have chessmaster 9 and 10 both, and they're basically the same with a very slight improvement in the engine. since CM 10's engine (the king3.33) is already pretty old and is not even as strong as engines that are freely available (like Toga), I'd not recommend you to upgrade that also.
  5. 08 May '07 16:50

    It sounds like from the description I am reading online. That Total Chess Training will also train and walk you through essential endings like pawn and rook endings.

    Do you know offhand if it will go over King and queen vs king and rook or king and two knights vs king and pawn. Diskamyl, I appreciate your suggestion on getting the search engine rather than upgrading my Fritz 8 and Chessmaster 9000.

    I know Person Chess Trainer in their endings they dont offer verbal instrucitons but they point arrows this is their previous version I dont know about new version. Do you know off hand if I can download a trial version of Total Chess Trainings endgame software?

    It seems like at my level I need to focus on tactics, endgames, and analyzing my games.

  6. 08 May '07 19:03
    I don't know specifically which ones it goes through, but you will need a proper endgame book, since it just gives you problems and it's variations as you make moves.

    I don't know about the trial version.
  7. 08 May '07 21:02
    I have 2 programs that have helped alot. Chess Mentor 3, and Personal Chess Trainer. both are excellent and have demo versions available to try.
  8. Standard member mipmcpt
    manchester clan
    08 May '07 21:11 is great
  9. Standard member mipmcpt
    manchester clan
    08 May '07 22:12
    Total chess training seems exspensive,what do peole think?
  10. 08 May '07 22:22
    It looks good in the ads I read but I tend to be more comfortable with software that I can try first. A couple of those above allow you to do that.
  11. Standard member mipmcpt
    manchester clan
    08 May '07 23:16
    I have just found total chess training on amazon at a cheaper price of$85 which seems gooto me!!
    Do people think thats a good buy?
  12. 08 May '07 23:31
    You can get Total Chess Training II for 5 bucks cheaper here
  13. Standard member mipmcpt
    manchester clan
    09 May '07 06:19
    Thanks for that,ill report a review of it and how i get on.

    On the chasebase videos i found some of them highly enetertaining especially the andrew martin and susan polgar ones.
    Alsp learnt a lot especially ones on spevific opennings.
    What di about other people think abot these dvds??
    Do you find the more useful than books??
  14. 10 May '07 04:07

    I might get Personal Chess Trainer. I am trying out the new demo version. It seems to have the ending king and queen vs king and rook but I realize i am not going to really know just from the drill. So, I am figuring when I get Personal Chess Trainer it will not be my only study material. It definately does not seem like a stand alone material.

    I do like how it points in a direction if you are wrong. So, Personal Chess Trainer so far seems the closest thing to what I am looking for. Now I realize there is many software out there so, this is just from what I have seen for training software.