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Only Chess Forum

  1. Subscriber jcandance
    White Hats Rule!
    01 Feb '16 20:28
    I've been off and on the chess for many many years. The thing for me is, I've been sort of stuck in the same place, and need to start developing better habits and especially a better middle game.

    Yes I know read more, and I'm working on it, but full time job + kids + other interests keeps that to a minimum.

    I'm looking for a person or two would be interested in playing some games against me in a friendly , discussion heavy, learning heavy way. I'd like to stop wallowing between 950-1250.

    So basically looking for somebody to take me on as a project Sure the pay is crap, but I can be entertaining if that helps!
  2. 01 Feb '16 22:00
    I'll play you in a 3+7 or 7+7 unrated game if you want. We can discuss along the way.
  3. Subscriber jcandance
    White Hats Rule!
    01 Feb '16 22:01
    sounds fantastic.
  4. 02 Feb '16 06:41
    If you have room for another send one over.