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  1. Subscriber moonbus
    13 May '13 21:55 / 2 edits
    In case some not-yet-experts at the forum have never heard of the "Lucena Position", I offer following game for perusal. It pays to study the old masters!

    Game ID:
    Game 9928332

    Link to annotations (I did not see how to incorporate them into the PGN below):

  2. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    13 May '13 22:56
    Thumbs up from me!
  3. 14 May '13 00:58
    M Ivan -moonbus RHP 2013

    Notes by Moonbus.

  4. Subscriber moonbus
    14 May '13 04:13
    Thanks, Greenpawn. How did you get the annotations into the PGN? Maybe the syntax could be added to FAQ page.
  5. 14 May '13 07:43
    Good notes by the way moonbus!
  6. Subscriber moonbus
    14 May '13 08:13
    Thanks for the compliment on the notes. Unfortunately there are some notation errors because I learned English descriptive and get confused translating to algebraic. So where I wrote g7-g8, it should be g2-g1, of course.
  7. Subscriber moonbus
    14 May '13 10:50
    I figured out how to post notes into a pgn and have incorporated some corrections to the notation: