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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 21 May '13 14:05
    Kareemelbadry takes The Duck with him to a congress.
    Sits the The Duck next the board and wins mega-bucks.

    A good OTB game from Kareemelbadry. 16 moves of theory and his
    opponent deviates spotting a shot....

    .....he never spotted Kareemelbadry's excellent reply.

    A couple of Drunken Knights games. One featuring 4 moves from
    White that will have you rushing around to your in-laws to show them the game.

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  2. 21 May '13 17:09
    I like drunken knight - will become part of my opening repertoire here!

    Otherwise, bummer about the tournament, it's subscriber only. Not complaining, but many here are not subscribers, so maybe call it the Subscriber Championship.