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  1. 11 Apr '15 13:27 / 6 edits
    I'm being dense, apologies...anyone know how to get this to display properly?'ll be worth it when I figure it out, bloomin' hilarious.

    EDIT: doh!

    [Event "Club Championship"]
    [Site "Kirkwall"]
    [Date "2015.04.02"]
    [Round "5"]
    [White "T S"]
    [Black "S M"]
    [Result "0-1"]

  2. 11 Apr '15 14:58 / 1 edit
    Hi Smeg,

    You should have sent me the game - this is blog material.
    White misses the Rook & Knight back rank drawing pattern with mate
    by a Knight in one corner. Mate with a Rook in the other.
    (I've played this Knight and Rook draw in an OTB game.)

    I've seen another pattern that also draws.

    Whilst playing this out on my viewer I noticed the White b5 pawn.
    It appears there are two ways to draw.

  3. 11 Apr '15 15:09
    Thanks to Stu for posting the game and to Greenpawn for the chess lesson on the rook and knight draw. I've seen quite strong and experienced players miss that drawing idea in OTB games, just because they've never seen it before and so aren't looking for it!
  4. 11 Apr '15 16:00 / 5 edits
    Some context, time control was 75m for 30 moves.

    At move 24 black has 3m on the clock & reached the control with a couple of seconds to spare....ok, ok, I'm making excuses.

    white sealed the pretty obvious 31. Ra7

    For the following week's resumption I messed around with some ideas bases on hxg3, not daring to hope etc, blah blah blah.

    Obviously my move 48 is insane, but things have been a wee bit mental for a while anyways

    Greenpawn, thank you so much, I'm not worthy!! 😀
  5. 24 Apr '15 08:41 / 2 edits
    Another 'great escape' last night too, must be my lucky month!

    W: RD
    B: Smeg
    Orkney Club Championship

    13....f5? Well I've gotta do something, prefer a quick and bloody end to being suffocated to death for 30+ moves. Maybe he'll nick the pawn instead of Ng5 & give me half a chance?
  6. 24 Apr '15 14:41 / 2 edits
    3. ... g6 was horrible. As a general rule, playing g6 and e6 early on (or g3 and e3 if White) is a bad idea in the opening because it leaves holes in your position which your opponent can take advantage of. Better to leave the e pawn back for a few moves until after you've castled. I think grabbing a pawn was a poor option for White, I would have done something like 6. Qe2 and then castled long.

    If you like kingside fianchettoed bishops against 1.d4, then have a look at the Kings Indian Defence or perhaps the Grünfeld. The latter is currently Caruana's main weapon against 1.d4 - take a look at some of his games in the Gashimov Memorial tournament:
  7. 24 Apr '15 14:48
    Thanks Data Fly, yes is was a ghastly move indeed . . . I'm thinking Nf6, e6 & b6 in future perhaps, but cheers for the link I will check it out tonight.