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  1. 19 Oct '13 23:01
    Nice article about Magnus Carslen in the Guardian:
  2. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    19 Oct '13 23:35
    A nice read!
  3. 22 Oct '13 16:24
    Oh dear, reads like one of those articles usually written by the female middle aged columnist in sunday tabloid magazines, the type that has amusing names for all their family, and whose weekly columns consist of regaling us of their exploits over the past week..

    Still, I suppose any exposure for chess is good exposure..
  4. 23 Oct '13 08:08 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by aquatabby
    Nice article about Magnus Carslen in the Guardian:
    Thanks for the link
  5. 27 Oct '13 10:29
    "These looks, I should add, led to him being named one of "the sexiest men of 2013" by Cosmopolitan"

    The Face-like-a-dry-stone-wall look is *so* in this season, daaaaaaaahling....

    Still, the rest of the piece is ok.