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Only Chess Forum

  1. 19 Oct '09 07:06
    I finally reached my ultimate goal.

    My ICC 1-Minute and 5-Minute ratings are both over 2200.

    I promised myself if I could get there that I would give up blitz (for a while anyway) and only focus on longer games.

    Now, I guess it's time to play some serious chess.
  2. 19 Oct '09 07:37
    thats really tough

    is that the ratings with the automatic pairings those are the tough ones?
  3. 19 Oct '09 07:51
    Yes, they're the ratings where they pair you. You always have to play players in your rating range and rematches don't occur often. (You can't just beat up one player and take all their points.)
    It was tough but I did it.