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Only Chess Forum

  1. 03 Jan '06 16:19
    I am setting out to make my own chess set. It is a themed set using miniatures from Citadel.

    Has anyone here done something similar? I am looking to get some pedastals for the pieces to raise certain minor pieces up. Any suggestions on what to use?

  2. 04 Jan '06 00:28
    I saw some plan in an old magazine when i was in grade 9 or so. I wanted to make them out of steel on a lathe but my brother said it would be to hard.

    So I built a pool table instead. I made other stuff in high school on lathes though. Screw and nut, waterproof container, hammer, foundry stuff etc...
  3. Standard member buffalobill
    Major Bone
    04 Jan '06 16:04
    Go back in the threads. There was something on this a few months ago.