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  1. 26 Sep '10 06:30 / 1 edit
    How does RHP deal with a player who has already resigned 9 times this morning after 1 or 2 moves?

    In just over an hour now he has reduced his handicap from 1315 to 1170 by deliberately resigning 16 times!
  2. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    26 Sep '10 12:39 / 1 edit
    I don't think points can be lost in games resigned within the first 3 moves?

    sometimes people hit a wall playing too many games, and resing dozens or hundreds of games at once. sometimes it's caused by inexperience and they learn to never do it again. sometimes they're just jerks who do it over and over and over again.

    sometimes, especially when the games are resigned early, it's a cheater with multiple accounts, farming points for his one account. see: User 285560

    sometimes it's just someone bailing out of a new tournament round, not wanting more games.
  3. 26 Sep '10 13:01
    Just look at 7793504, and his games today.
  4. 26 Sep '10 13:24 / 2 edits
    Did you mistype the user number? - I couldn't find this user.

    If you are really concenred, you can always send feedback
  5. 26 Sep '10 13:32
    Originally posted by danger dave
    Just look at 7793504, and his games today.
    I can't find a player with that ID, nor a player with that name. If you have proof, I suggest sending feedback (link at the bottom of each page) with full evidence. If you do not have proof, I would suggest being very careful about the accusations you make.

  6. 26 Sep '10 13:47
    Sorry I put the game number of my game with him. Just then follow his other games.
  7. 26 Sep '10 14:17
    Originally posted by danger dave
    Sorry I put the game number of my game with him. Just then follow his other games.
    Oh furrfu... look at his entire profile. Is there not something there that might suggest to you that there is a different reason for his resignations? A word of personal text, perhaps?

  8. 26 Sep '10 14:47
    Check his forum posts

    Thread 133660

    He is a non sub who can only play 5 games instead of 6.

    He wanted it fixed.

    Nothing happened.

    He threatened to leave if it was not fixed.

    Nothing Happened.

    So he Left.
  9. 26 Sep '10 14:54
    Ok I understand now. Thanks
  10. Subscriber no1marauder
    Humble and Kind
    26 Sep '10 15:08
    Originally posted by danger dave
    Ok I understand now. Thanks
    A tip: 2 ...... Kd7 is generally considered an inferior move in any Queens Pawn opening.
  11. 26 Sep '10 16:22
    Hi No1 (has the mag arrived?)

    Game 7793504

    I think the lad was trying to be original.
    In this postion on the RHP DB Black has tried no fewer than 21 second moves here
    with varying amounts of success. 2...Kd7 is an RHP TN!

    Other 2nd moves for Black already tried.