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  1. 02 Jan '14 23:54
    Something for you to drool over.

    Some good entertaining games and a naked lady playing chess.

    Blog 4
  2. Subscriber dzirilli
    03 Jan '14 00:19
    Duchamp is my hero. Thank you!!
  3. 03 Jan '14 01:57 / 2 edits
    On that occasion he appears have had succombed to his over active imagination
    without checking the finer details.
    Though there are no RHP casualties, there are quite a few OTB players who
    have fallen for the same self-trap.

    He spent his honeymoon studying chess problems, his wife got so frustrated
    she got up one night and glued the chess pieces to the board.
    They were divorced 3 months later.
  4. Subscriber dzirilli
    03 Jan '14 18:37
    Not a reliable player but he was the Kasparov of the Art world.
  5. 04 Jan '14 03:08 / 1 edit
    eltricky has pinted out that Spiderman is actually a Knght and not a Rook.

    He's right! I just looked at the castle shape base and thought he was a Rook
    The Hulk, he will be a Rook.....wait a minute....No wrong again.

    The Rooks are Ultron, Kang, The Vision and Black Panther.
    Black Panther is actually a White Rook and the Black Widow is a White pawn.
    You would have thought they would have got that bit right.
    They have The Hulk as a Bishop but you can only get him if you subscribe.