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Only Chess Forum

  1. 27 Jun '11 12:05 / 1 edit
    Saw this one on the front screen of RHP. Often gives these a play through.
    This is good. A totally drawn position.

    h-pawns and both sides have the wrong Bishop.
    So this is drawn.

    and this too is drawn

    Black decides to settle on a black square so he won't
    be hassled by the white squared Bishop.....

    bushtucker - actonhoop RHP 2011

  2. Donation ketchuplover
    27 Jun '11 13:49
    Alas Bushtucker is gone(currently) but actonhoop remains.
  3. 27 Jun '11 13:55
    He will be out in the bush somewhere trapping Kangeroos and living Aboriginal way.
    (either that or he is hitching to England to see his beloved Leeds United play.)