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  1. Subscriber rookorbycrook
    05 Feb '13 22:14
    hi ian from birmingham would like to know when next meet up is planned
  2. 05 Feb '13 22:39
    Originally posted by rookorbycrook
    hi ian from birmingham would like to know when next meet up is planned
    I don't think anyone is going to be meeting you with a profile pic like that..
  3. Subscriber rookorbycrook
    05 Feb '13 22:42
    at least i show my face lol idiot
  4. Subscriber rookorbycrook
    05 Feb '13 22:43
    try and be mature good sir meet ups whens it happening
  5. Subscriber rookorbycrook
    05 Feb '13 22:49
    there u go all changed lol
  6. Standard member cadwah
    05 Feb '13 23:09 / 1 edit
    Hello Ian, I don't think there has been an official site meet up since 2008.
    I helped organise the meet-ups in Ireland which were great fun, however I've since moved on to more clement weather. We kind of organised them because there were enough people interested. If you wanted to organise a meet-up maybe send feedback to the site admins to see if there is any help or advise they can offer you. If I remember correctly I got them to spam message every player flying the Irish flag for me. Maybe start up a meet-up thread in the general forum to guage interest first though, there is no point bothering them unless there is more people than just you interested.


    Edit: Hmmmm... now you have me thinking... maybe a Barcelona RHP meetup where we can push wood on a sunny terrace...
  7. Subscriber rookorbycrook
    06 Feb '13 08:13
    ah thankyou cad it would be great though to have one im throughly intersted
  8. 06 Feb '13 08:54
    If it's in Birmingham or Barcelona, I'll pop by.
  9. Subscriber rookorbycrook
    06 Feb '13 10:05
    hey dewi r u near bham ? i live by Airport and play for sutton coldfield club .... im sure weve played on here before but YES we can get a meet up even if we land at pub and get some boards together
  10. Subscriber Ponderableonline On Vacation
    06 Feb '13 12:07
    I would be interested, but am quite busy... If we had a guy in Frankfurt, this is well to be reached from all over Europe.
  11. 06 Feb '13 12:10
    Originally posted by rookorbycrook
    there u go all changed lol
    Wow that's better!! - now I really feel confident that i'm not going to end up chopped up in a wheelebin - where do you want to meet?
  12. Subscriber rookorbycrook
    06 Feb '13 14:19
    ahaha yes mate can meet anywhere im adaptable coach train etc
  13. 06 Feb '13 15:29
    I'm in North Wales, but English midlands is great as I'm up and down all the time. Or we could tie it in with a congress somewhere.