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  1. 02 Feb '09 14:49
    Are You Ready to Play a World Champion?

    USSR Correspondence Champion in 1978, World Correspondence Champion in 1995, Mikhail Umansky is one of the strongest and most respected correspondence players that chess has ever known. Now, in 2009, Umansky is going to attempt to accomplish what no other chess player has ever done: defeat the Chessgames World Team.

    In the other corner is the undefeated and indefatigable Chessgames World Team, which has disposed of all challengers to date from both sides of the board. Grandmaster Umansky has studied the previous successes of the World Team, and is rightly taking this so-called "exhibition" quite seriously.

    The draw for colors took place and GM Umansky will have the white pieces for his first game. For the rematch, scheduled for 2010, he will take the black pieces.

    Mikhail Umansky's first move will be displayed on the game page at 5:00pm February 1st.

    At that time, voting will begin for all members of the World Team. Sign up now--it's absolutely free, and you'll be able to participate in this historic exhibition.