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Only Chess Forum

  1. 29 Dec '10 22:25
    I really do miss online correspondence chess at Red Hot Pawn (together with the accompanying analysis and thinking about the game). One of these days soon I hope to obtain the funds needed to get a monthly bus pass on a regular basis so that I can obtain regular Internet access and resume play.

    Meanwhile, despite playing a number of 1.e4 b6 games as Black when here, I don't recall any of my opponents playing the book continuation 2.d4; so I've been working (a very little bit) on continuations after 2...Bb7 and either 3.Bd3 or 3.Nc3 with the goal of taking away White's central pawn advantage as much as possible and as early as possible. I look forward to testing those out.
  2. 30 Dec '10 01:45
    Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Standard member nimzo5
    30 Dec '10 16:16
    I think e4 d4 and Bd3 setup is mainline no?

    if there is such a thing for that system. haha.
  4. 31 Dec '10 03:11
    Yes that is the main line.

    I'm too weak to say black gets nothing out of 1...b6 but I'll say it anyway.

    Black gets nothing out of 1...b6

    Be a man and go for the center.