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Only Chess Forum

  1. 06 Jan '07 03:39
    Found a great app for playing on FICS and ICC.

    Installed on my Motorola i605 (Nextel) and works great. Of course if you have Nextel you won't be able to install normally. You'll have to use the Webjal workaround (google it).

    Now they need to make it so RHP has a WAP interface!!
  2. Standard member EveRyDay
    my pimp hand's strng
    06 Jan '07 03:47
    Could have been great for watching Topalov and Kramnik from my mother's phone during a family visit.
  3. 06 Jan '07 03:58
    It's pretty quick. Played 15/15 in the following game and had 14 minutes left at the end. Not a great game by any means. I really didn't have to use much thinking time.