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  1. 21 Feb '07 19:07
    remember this is to be solved blindfolded, so please do not post diagram.
    from susans wonderful blog, black to move, can you draw?

    black: b7, Kc7 white: b5, a5, Kc5
  2. 21 Feb '07 19:23
    1. ...b6 2. axb6+ Kb8 or 2. a6 Kb8

    Dunno if I'm right heh.
  3. Standard member Korch
    Chess Warrior
    21 Feb '07 19:49
    1...b6+ 2.axb6+ Kb7 with taking pawn on b6 in next move which leads to draw.

    If 2.Kb5 then 2...bxa5+ 3.Kxb5 Kb7 with draw.
  4. 21 Feb '07 21:59
    Ok yeah I didn't see the check. Having a board would have helped with that.