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  1. 28 May '15 22:48
    This is a blog-like (*where are blog tools?!) thread about just finished OTB tournament Lucky Dino group A, Sliema in Malta.
    I‘ll post it in three iece, since there is a limit in MB in pone post. RHP tools were hostile, I felt boykotted and if it doesn’t look good, Admin can delete the thread.

    I had two EasyJet flights – Belgrade-Geneve and Geneve-Amsterdam – and one train trip from Schiphol to get to The Hague. But not to Court. My nephew drove me to to my cousin’s empty house under refurbishing.
    Link 1 for the house = hidden:

    Link 2 for the house = hidden:

    Link 3 for the house = hidden:

    I walked to my auntie’s building next morning and said in her interphone: “Here’s a postman from Belgrade”, but he saw me already on the screen.
    Next day I attended Nick Cave’s gig at Wordl Forum just across ICTY court.

    Link 4 – audio record of the gig:::hidden

    And then – trip to Malta to take part in small rating tournament.

    Link to youtube slide from The Hague, trip and Malta.
    YouTube : Malta Everyday
    If youtube thumbnail doesn’t work as i usually doesn’t in my posts look for link her = hidden

    Finally, chess.
    I had “studied” several books before the tournament, 2 pieces of Bora Ivkov (“Enchanted by Chess”, and “My first 60 years in chess&rsquo😉, and “I play against pieces” by Gligoric. I leafed thorugh one book about endings, and two Russian books, by Karpov with his games and Suetin’s biography on Boleslavskiy.

    I got new idol – Ivkov.

    I had the lowestt rating in group A.
    Tempo was very fast – only 90 minutes for whole game plus 30 sec extra for each move. Almost rapid.
    In first round I tried – as a Black – to win some rating points by means of Dutch defense, in honour of my stay in The Hague and Dutch branche (*in fact only living branch) of my family, against a Roumanian player.

    Before the I round the referee held a speech. Here is audio record plus first hour of silence of my game in I round::::= hidden link.

    I round

    In 2nd round I got so-called “bye” due odd number of players. I was anxious to play but I went to the beach where I slipped on a piece of sea grass on the wooden moll and almost got killed. I was afraid I broke my big toe and maybe something more, but I just got on my feet and like limping sea lion or stumbling old bat I walked into the water. It felt so good. Later, when I was drying on the sun, I saw blood on my foot. Luckilly I didn’t need to use my travel insurane. It was hard to wear sandals though.

    3rd Round

    I came on time, sat at the board and played 1. d4 because on database I saw that my opponent O’Donogue, some Irishman, plays Bogo-Queen-Nimzoindian defense. He wasn’t there. I was worried that I could stay without second game in a row. I didn’t even know how he looked like, but data base said he was pretty young. He missed 1st round.

    Amongst participants of group B, I noticed an Asian girl-woman with angry face, She looked as room made or Chinese massage girl from comedies of the kind that they first seduce rich bastarda and then kill him. She also played Leningrad variation of Dutch defense. But soon I realized that she has Maltese domicile – I discovered that all Maltese players use Dutch defense, and even as White they play Bird’s opening.

    My Irish opponent finally showed up but he sat down at the wrong table and became to play with wrong opponent. He realized that after one move and then he finally moved to my table. I was happy not to miss another game.

    It would tourn out that he will be late for literaly every game. He smelled as unwashed (he wore same shirt all the time, I noticed later), and I began to hate him from very first moment. He showed a cynical smile and had slow, cat-like movement and held his head awry as he wanted to seduce his fee male prole officer. He showed tremendous amount of contempt on his face. He played 1. … e6.

    This game put shame on my chess reputation, because I made patzerish mistake in a dead won Rook ending.

    Since II round I thougt I saw pubic hairs on my boards in each rounds. Whose?!
    And a mosquito landed on field c4 in this game when Black took Knight on c3… Sinister…

    O’ Donogue continued to be late on later games and always got into zeitnods.
  2. 28 May '15 22:49
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