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  1. 11 Jan '14 00:29
    In HandyAndy's profile it says a mosquito can bathe in the sea of chess. Is there an opening or variation of an opening that includes the term, "mosquito?" There is an elephant gambit, right?
  2. 11 Jan '14 00:35
  3. 11 Jan '14 11:45
    The Mosquito.

    cardozo - bre58gos. RHP 2011

    GeorgeG2 - LastMohican RHP 2012
    White drops his Queen, misses a mate in one and still wins.

  4. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    11 Jan '14 17:44
    GP is quite correct, The Mosquito is a variation in the Englund Gambit.