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  1. 01 May '07 13:47 / 4 edits
    Six of the strongest GM’s in the world will compete for the M-Tel Masters 2007 title, which starts on May 10 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Local hero Veselin Topalov heads the list of this intriguing six-player event, and he's joined by Shakriyar Mamedyarov, Michael Adams, Gata Kamsky, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu and Krishnan Sasikiran.
    What makes this event so unique, is that the rules prohibits conventional draw offers in the pursuit of fighting chess! ICC will be the official Internet partners for the M-Tel Masters, and we'll be bringing you extensive coverage that will include video and live commentary on ICC Chess.FM. Sistem: round-robin in two rounds (all play all with White and Black alternatively). Time control: 2 hours for 40 moves + 1 hour for the 20 moves + 0.5 hour to the end of the game.

  2. 01 May '07 14:02
    I hope Gata has a good showing. Though his record against Topalov isn't that great.