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  1. Standard member onyx2006
    23 Feb '07 12:33
    exciting game (for me) with a few nice moves...

    Game 3206001

    I think it was one of my best games in a while. I'm thinking I played a few suspect moves, like 8.. Qh4 - looking for a cheap mate, but then I thought long and hard and played 10. Qe7(I saw a possible long term pin and planned around it) knowing the bishop would capture on g7 - giving me an open file and a "plan" - Yes - a plan! Very rarely do I come up with a big overall plan... Castle long and force my pawns through the centre in such a way to take advantage on the pin, his king was going nowhere in a hurry cos that open file would have caused him a headache... Other moves I thought I played nicely - Nxd4 (using the pin) Rxd5 (still using the pin) 21.. g2 (tying down my opponent's rook) 23 0-0-0?! 23.. Nb3+ (queen is dead). But I thought the killer move in the game was Qf1 (the rook can't capture becase when the pawn Queens it's a fork).

    would like to see some other peoples good games, and thoughts on them... especially the planning involved... cheers,

  2. Standard member ivan2908
    23 Feb '07 15:08 / 1 edit
    Jeremy Silman would be happy with you having a plan! Nice game, well played...
  3. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    23 Feb '07 18:58
    Game 3199078

    This one's not bad for a fast (1 0) game.

    5.h3!? A rare continuation.
    9.0-0-0 Now White's 5th looks like a wasted move. He would have been better off playing h4 in one move.
    10.Re1 White ends up playing f3 later; he would have saved time playing it now.
    13.Kb1? Just too slow. White needs to trade the Bg7 and then start throwing pawns at Black's Kingside.
    15...Nh5 My plan here is simply Ng3, trying to trade off the Bf1. Even though that is White's "bad" bishop, my attack gets stronger if Bd7 can enter White's position unopposed.
    22.Qxb4 White resigned before I could deliver the final blow.

    22...Nb3+! 23.axb3 axb3+ 24.Qa3 Rxa3+ 25.bxa3 Qa5! hitting the Re1 and Pa3. White will soon be mated.
  4. Standard member adam warlock
    Baby Gauss
    23 Feb '07 19:30 / 1 edit
    Game 3207038

    I think up till move 34 my moves are pretty easy to see why. In fact all game was like that.
    He made a mistake on his 21st move but he had his kingside all crammed up.
    22. bxd1 in order to 23 Rxd1 and so weaken even more his king side pawns.
    24 Nf4 was a mistake. I was up in material so had no problems in exchanging material. And with the follow up of this move i would take control of another file.
    28 kb7 i was trying to make my king mobile and help the a and b pawns into promotion.
    30. re1 trying to take away his rook or make him flee the scene. Probably a mistafe if he took my rook!
    34 kc4. I think this was a good move as we was atacking the b4 square.
    34 ka6 one of my favorite moves of the game. I was thinking about checking the king and drive him away from the b4 square.
    35 b5+ plus was practically assured.
    37 rc8+ and away goes the bishop securing my a-pawn promotion.
    39 re1 trapping the king!
    40 kb7. This was like a warning for him not to take my f-pawn unless he moved his king what would him lose a tempo.
    42 Rxf7??
    42 rc7+ the natural move. He didn't pay attention to my warning!
    From then on everything was prety much in its place.

    Sorry for the poor analysis but i'm learning to this right now and i'm now starting to pay more attention to my moves and study my games. Even though I usually make some blitz type blunders.