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  1. 28 Feb '12 20:18
    vandervelde vs. hutan hujan
  2. 28 Feb '12 20:53
    Originally posted by vandervelde
    vandervelde vs. hutan hujan
    [pgn][Event "RHP Blitz rated"] [Site ""] [Date "2012.2.28"] [Round "?"] [White "vandervelde"] [Black "hutan hujan"] [Result "1-0"] 1. e2-e4 d7-d5 2. e4xd5 Qd8xd5 3. Nb1-c3 Qd5-a5 4. d2-d4 Bc8-f5 5. Ng1-f3 Bf5-g4 6. Bf1-c4 e7-e6 7. O-O Bf8-d6 8. d4-d5 Ng8-f6 9. d5xe6 f7xe6 10. Rf1-e1 O-O 11. Bc4xe6 Kg8-h8 12 ...[text shortened]... g4xe3 15. Re1xe3 Bd6-c5 16. Nf3-g5 Bc5xe3 17. Ng5-f7 Rf8xf7 18. Qd5-d8 1-0 [/pgn]
    Too bad you didn't get to execute the smothered mate.
  3. 29 Feb '12 13:59
    Yep. I was looking forward to separate the position after 17. ... Kg8. 🙂
  4. 02 Mar '12 16:36
    Not a great win because my opponent made an oversight in 31. Ra8-b8 and lost a Rook.
    But he is otherwise pretty strong.
    I would point out my good move 14. f2-f4 with a trap. Not a big deal, but nevertheless.
    I also should have saved Pawn ob f4 and play sometning else than 28. Rb1
    All in all, decent positional fight for a 5 minutes-blitz.
    Black was better till he made that mistake.

    There are more (and crazier) games from blitz/department, but this was the latest (and silly enough).

  5. 10 Mar '12 13:49
  6. 13 Mar '12 16:04
    There are crazier where I come from, but it's just to warm up.
    And it's only blitz (I can't remember when I last time played tournament /or league/ game.)

    White is
    Black is me

    Not big deal, plenty of mistakes.

  7. 13 Mar '12 16:33
    it was 5+5 blitz
    but White lost on time

    I just wanted to check if 12 ... Bxe4 is okay 🙂

    I have a feeling that 30 ... Bc6 is bad move.
    There must have been something better ...

  8. 13 Mar '12 16:51 / 2 edits
    You never feel good when you win because "your opponent disconnected and abandoned the game"; crazy game (for kids).

    edit>> I want to mention 18. Bg5!
    if Black played 18... Qxb2 / I had in mind 19. Be7 with win

  9. 16 Mar '12 22:30
    I overlooked a Bishop (as Black), and gave him for 2 Pawns, and it was obvious that White just wanted too much to keep material advantage. I was ready to accept draw at the end but he suddenly got discinnected...

    I wonder if 29... g5 was winning?

  10. 16 Mar '12 23:28
    This was crazy.
  11. 20 Mar '12 11:00 / 2 edits
    -edit--- it was 5+0 blitz-

    After 13. Qxe7
    I felt like the dummest idiot.
    I was thinking of a nwe thread "Your most stupid defeats"
    but ... I got awaya with
    19. ...Nd6

    And I prepared a lines for this thread ni style

    "Never never give up... your opponent can die of a heart attack or get killed by his mother or his engine can break up in the middle of the game ..."

    and, what happened?
    I made a oversight with 21 ... Rd8 and everything went its own natural way, another patzerish defeat.

    But, once again - never give up, never show fear! 🙂


  12. 20 Mar '12 11:42 / 1 edit
    It was funny
    I got a phone call in the middle of the game and I overlooked a Queen
    but I got later on time --- pretty rotten from me
  13. 20 Mar '12 11:44
    I got a retaliation against Fred123
    very good game

  14. 21 Mar '12 23:09
  15. 22 Mar '12 16:40 / 1 edit
    It's a pity I didn't record the crayiest game form yesterdaz, but I lost it, so nod big deal 😉

    Anyways, I would like to mention 1 good move (spoiled by blunder).

    Here, in the game, Basmania (white) vs vandervelde, please note very good move
    11 ... Qd7
    I lost on the later course of the game due one of my countless blunders

    But Basmania was fair enough to offer a rematch with reversed colour and I got retaliation against him, but after series of mutual blunders

    vandervelde vs Basmania:

    Here Black could have played 26. ... e4

    But he made another blunder later so I won.

    Usually there is a proportion:
    1 good move on 3 blunders
    1 excellent move on 4 disastrous moves 😉