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  1. Standard member sh76
    Civis Americanus Sum
    18 Sep '08 13:35 / 1 edit
    Ironically, my first skull came in the game I was having the most trouble with.

    Game 5333697

    I really got the feeling I was in serious trouble for a while there on the queen side (although by the time the game ended I thought I was very much back in the game) and I'd love to be able to learn something from this game if anyone would help me out with some questions I had about it:

    1) Where did I mess up in the opening that forced me to lock in my dark squared bishop and get those awkward doubled e pawns?

    2) Was 11... Nd7 a mistake? I got the sense that it was, but what should I have done there? In general, how did I get myself in so much trouble on the queenside?

    3) Did my opponent really have me on the ropes and let me off the hook? After move 21, I really felt completely tied down and I got the sense that a move like 22. Bc5 might have been the beginning of the end for me, but that he might have let me off the hook by 22. Qc5 and by retreating his queen to the second rank the next move. Was there a way to finish me off there? If so, how?
  2. 18 Sep '08 14:39
    Ho did it feel to click the skull?
    Nice, eh?
  3. Standard member sh76
    Civis Americanus Sum
    18 Sep '08 14:48
    Originally posted by FabianFnas
    Ho did it feel to click the skull?
    Nice, eh?
    Well... in a 3/7 game, I didn't feel too badly about it. I mean... that's a LOT of time.
  4. 18 Sep '08 18:44
    I get it now.
    If you click those wee skulls you win the games on time.

    I thought the wee skull was a feature Russ added to warn you that
    there was a trap on the board.

    I was wondering why none of my opponents had made a move.
  5. 18 Sep '08 19:15 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    I thought the wee skull...
    Pawn, in case you are confused about other things:

    "open invites" doesn't mean those trashy ladies down on the streetcorner

    "my settings" is not a choice of light-medium-dark on the toaster

    "new game" doesn't mean you go play checkers

    clicking "my home" will NOT teleport you to your house
  6. 18 Sep '08 19:39 / 1 edit
    What about Help.

    If I click on Help does that nice young man with the bright white coat
    come round again to give me magic pills?
  7. 18 Sep '08 20:05
    If he says, "Open your mouth and close your eyes and I'll give you a BIG surprise!".... well, trust me, don't.
  8. 18 Sep '08 20:06
    Clicking on skulls feels soooooo good, especially if you're losing. I like it when they message you afterwards crying about it. Puts a smile on my face for the whole day.