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  1. 09 Jun '09 23:27 / 2 edits
    that is, against a 2000+ rated player. I'm supposed to have won against a NM once in online blitz, but considering how bad I suck at it, I'm pretty sure he was lying.

    anyway, I think this was an interesting game, the time control was 60' 30''. just wanted to share.

    I was almost going to be proud of my tactical accuracy but as always I messed up near the end with 19.Bxf8??. anyway, he missed it and I wrapped up the rest of the game quite nicely. for those interested, see if you can find the drawing line after 19.Bxf8.

    for my whole analysis, you can check out my blog:
  2. 10 Jun '09 00:32
    Argh! I just clicked on 'play' not knowing who was who.

    For about 5 seconds towards the end I thought you were Black and
    simply going to mate him on g2 - did not see the pseudo Queen sac.

    Neither did he.