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  1. 08 Nov '09 13:53
    Here's my latest result taken from the Bradford chess league, I was white and played Larsen's Opening. This was quite an easy win though black mixed things up a little with a sideline on move 4! 4...Qd6 isn't right but it didn't seem immediately bad, rather than the main line 4...Bd6 it seemed to me that e5 was much harder to defend - Thus 5Qh5!? I know I made a few small errors here and there (We played fairly quick for a standard OTB game) but it's the result that counts and I was the better player. Comments are welcome!

  2. 11 Nov '09 05:40 / 1 edit
    White has other possible 6th moves instead of 6.exd4

    I`m not positive if they are better but there might be better for white on move 6 possibly.

    6.Qe2 or 6.Nf3 or 6.Ne2 are moves I would at least consider if i was looking for improvements in this game.

    Also this game reminds me of the 1.e3 e5 2.Qh5 thread.
  3. 11 Nov '09 17:08
    The end made me think of the charge of the light brigade as the black pawns charge up the board in to the White guns. Surely the orders to advance should not have been given.