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  1. 20 Jul '08 17:48 / 1 edit
    I have just finished Text chess and it will run on any windows machine, its just text graphics.

    I need players to advise weights and measures to use in my position evaluations, and find any other facts about the program Ive missed. AND! can you break it? thats got a be fun!+

    the link is:
    My homepage is:
    my yahoo group is:

    can you help?

  2. 20 Jul '08 18:05
    at least try my challenge can you mate it in 20!
  3. 20 Jul '08 18:24 / 2 edits
    Hi Main! I am also working on a chess program much like yours, only better . What language is it written in? Maybe we can have a competition when I'm done with mine.

    I think you have some very basic problems with your eval function. For example I just played a game that went as follows:

    1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Ne4 3. d3 Nc5 4. d4 Ne5 5. d5 Nc6??

    What I predict is that you made pawns equal to knights for some reason. If I try to take without him taking back then its bad, but if he can take back it's OK. Read:

    By the way, your program needs an opening book...
  4. Standard member afx
    20 Jul '08 23:10
    Hi you guys!
    I wrote an engine with a friend of mine, username here is tih.
    It looks like we will start a tournament

    Our program is written in c# and uses the Universal Chess Interface UCI,
    so we could use FRITZ as frontend and could concentrate to the
    engine itself.
    The only good thing we managed was a tablebase generator for
    endgames with 3 pieces.

    But hey, see you at our tournament, ok?
  5. 21 Jul '08 00:07
    Mine is written in C++ but it won't be done for a few days. Then I want to start optimizing the evaluation function...
  6. Standard member John of Reading
    Scotch addict
    21 Jul '08 09:18
    Mine was written in Z80 assembler, but I no longer have the source code or any machine that could run it...
  7. 21 Jul '08 09:44 / 5 edits
    Hey Mote, thats interesting just played through the night chase :
    1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Ne4 3. d3 Nc5 4. d4 Ne6 5. d5 Nc6
    I actualy remember doing this in my eval function, I can fix this quite easy thanks mote. I think I dont give enough waeight to captures over positional play, it does have a very limited opening book, youve just got to play the right moves but thanks again mote ill do a book

    Love to see your program too

    I did it in C++ compiler! its been a lot of fun!

    Afx nice, its a good thing to get on to a major intereface.!

    john I remember Z80 , that was great programing it. :LD A,10 :RET
  8. 21 Jul '08 10:35 / 2 edits
  9. 21 Jul '08 11:11 / 1 edit