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  1. 13 Sep '15 18:41
    My thoughts on who will win each of the 32 matches.

    Blog Post 266
  2. 14 Sep '15 01:36
    What was the tactical shot? Nf6+ looks plausible but the followup is complex, especially after Kh8
  3. 14 Sep '15 11:08 / 2 edits

    No immediate win; I consider the puzzle to be finding Qh4 and Qe4.
  4. 20 Sep '15 00:18
    In the fourth round:
    Topalov to beat Svidler
    Yi to beat Liren
    Wojtasek to beat Giri
    Vachier–Lagrave to beat So
    Eljanov to beat Jakovenko
    Caruana to beat Mamedyarov
    Karjakin to beat Andreikin