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  1. Donation ketchuplover
    08 Dec '12 12:52
    See game 9594802
  2. 08 Dec '12 12:54 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by ketchuplover
    See game 9594802
    Game 9594802

    in all fairness you played well, just blundered at the critical moment, nothing to be
    ashamed of, even Anand did the same yesterday, instead of 38.Bxb3 is Qf8+ not better,
    for after ...Bg8 (...Rg8 i don't think is possible because of Bxe5+) and Bxe5 are you not
    winning as the rook is pinned?
  3. Standard member hunterknox
    Hopeless romantic
    08 Dec '12 13:37 / 1 edit
    I'd have waited another move before resigning - black still has to find the winner and he's still got the bishop and the possibility of promoting to distract him. Besides, I've seen worse from stronger players (I think my opponent was ~1800 when they played this)

  4. Standard member RJHinds
    The Near Genius
    08 Dec '12 16:12 / 4 edits
    Originally posted by ketchuplover
    See game 9594802
    I haven't tried to analyze your game, but as I was running through the moves, I saw 17.b5 attacking the knight as the first move I would have considered after his 16...a5. Perhaps you see something I have missed. That move just jumped right out at me and could be wrong, but I would play it in a blitz game.

    Also in the final position in which you resigned it looks like you can still get at least a draw by perpetual check no matter what he does unless I am overlooking something. Nevermind I see it. Qb5+ with mate to follow.

    Looking back a little I see 34.Qxd6 as best.