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  1. 02 Jul '10 19:02
    Is there a fairly easy book on pawns (not Soltis yet - I'm only rated
    1350). Or is there a good book with several chapters on pawn structure? I'm working on tactics but when I play, my pieces can not attack or go where they need to because of my opponent's pawns.

    I've been playing nearly two years now , and things seem to get harder not easier.

  2. 02 Jul '10 19:59 / 3 edits
    This was the first game I opened:

    The biggest mistake that I can see is holding on to material. You gave away you knight with 6 Bb7.

    Don't give away your pieces and you'll win more games.

    You do it again in this game:

    14. dxe5

    It looks like you are just exchanging knights, but in actuality after taking your knight, his pawn threatens your queen. Not good at all.

    One other bit of advice, try to not to put your queen and king on the same color, especially where there's a knigh on the rampage.

    Btw, I only looked at two games.

    I've been playing nearly two years now , and things seem to get harder not easier.

    That's probably because you are finding better opponents. Chess can remain simple, just play people who have no clue. It doesn't guarantee winning all the time, but it makes things much easier.


    One other thing that would help, quit playing 1700's. They have usually played chess for more than two years.
  3. 02 Jul '10 21:24
    Thanks Eladar for taking a look at my games. I'll go back to those two and take a look myself.

    I really want to improve - at least to the point where it becomes fun and not so hard.

  4. 02 Jul '10 21:32
    For now you would just need to know the basic principles, and know that there are exceptions. Usually the exceptions occur when your opponent can't take advantage of the ''weakness''. Also, doubled pawns are often good when they are attached to one or more pawns and increase the influence over the center.

    Some of the principles on pawn structures you should learn are:

    Isolated Doubled Pawns = bad

    The less pawn islands the better

    Backward pawns = weakness

    Isolated pawns = weakness

    Passed pawns = good, and push them!

    Connected passed pawns = better

    Eight passed pawns = priceless

    Also, learn which way to push your pawns to create a passed pawn. It's very simple and very important. I don't know how to post boards so I'll leave it to someone else.
  5. 02 Jul '10 21:55
    Hi grit,

    Yeah, I think I pretty much agree with Eladar's assessment. About a week or so ago, I also looked at a number of your recent games, and the general impression I got was that you periodically left pieces en prise (for the taking) and made simple counting mistakes. (The reason why I tried pointing you in the direction of Dan Heisman's Novice Nook articles on counting in another thread.) It seems to me that you're playing what Dan calls "hope chess". He talks more about this in his article titled "The Secrets to 'Real' Chess". (BTW, I still play hope chess at times, but I'm working hard to eliminate that bad habit.)

    So my recommendation: Continue your tactics study, that will help. And read Dan's info about reducing your counting mistakes and not playing hope chess. And I won't supply any links this time. If you want to read the articles, you'll find them.

    P.S. I don't think you really need to read any specialized books on pawn structure yet. I haven't read either Soltis' or Kmoch's books, and I think I'm doing OK for now. (Maybe down the road I'll attempt to tackle them.) I think the pawn info in general introductory books like "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess" or "Winning Chess Strategy for Kids" is enough for now.
  6. 03 Jul '10 01:11

    Forget Pawns, they were added to make a game of it.

    Look here: White to play.

    Utter carnage follows for a few bried moves then it's all over.


    Move two pawns in the opening to get the pieces out then
    that's it for pawn moes.

    If your opponent attacks one - ignore it.

    Grit what you need is a hero. A guiding light. A Mentor.

    Meet Sathra Chitturi who played in the u-12 Austalian Championship.

    In 2007 this wee girl showed the world how to play chess.

    This was the pawn strcture after 9 moves.

    and this was the pawn structure twenty moves later.

    She sacced the lot and faced 8 passed pawns...
    ...and although graded 100 points lower than her opponent.....she won.

    S.Chitturi(638) - A.Gurevich (795), AUS-ch U12,.2007

    Now get out there Grit and sac me some pawns.

  7. Standard member clandarkfire
    Grammar Nazi
    03 Jul '10 01:56
    Here is another game that shows the unimportance of pawns. (Black has queen's knight odds)

  8. 03 Jul '10 02:15
    I heard pawns are the soul of chess.
  9. 03 Jul '10 02:19 / 1 edit
    Yes Clandarkfire a good example.

    Another pawn formation that deserves a diagram.

    The purists will point to the isolated pawn, the two pawn islands
    and the connected passed pawns.

    All fiddle-faddle. and cods-wallop.

    Grit I'm gonna be looking at your games and if you aint at least 3 pawns
    down after 15 moves then there will be trouble. (that's a pawn sac every 5 moves).

    And God help you if you ever go a pawn up.


    Why do they call them pawn islands? they aint surrounded by water.

    Why connected pawns?
    They are not joined together. If you move one the rest don't
    move at the same time as if they were connected.

    Why passed pawns?
    Look at the diagram and Black's Queenside pawns.

    They are all abreast in a line none are passed each other.

    And doubled pawns?

    They aint doubled. One pawn is infront of the other.
    If they were doubled they would sharing the same square.

    And a Backward Pawn?
    What does that mean? You have a pawn on the board that can move backwards?

    These endgame buffs with their endgame terminology need a darn good slapping.
  10. 03 Jul '10 02:38
    Originally posted by SmittyTime
    I heard pawns are the soul of chess.
    Hi Smitty.

    (In Game 7538040 you missed a mate in two and lost.
    Have another look at your 36th move- check all checks.)

    Philidor (some French geezer) said:

    "Pawns are the soul of the game."

    By that he meant the sole use of pawns is to sac them.
  11. Standard member chessicle
    The Chessicle
    03 Jul '10 07:21
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Hi Smitty.

    (In Game 7538040 you missed a mate in two and lost.
    Have another look at your 34th move- check all checks.)

    Philidor (some French geezer) said:

    "Pawns are the soul of the game."

    By that he meant the sole use of pawns is to sac them.
  12. 03 Jul '10 08:35
    Always be wary of moving the pawns in front of your king.

    Taken from the same game: Game 7538040

  13. Standard member orion25
    Art is hard
    03 Jul '10 09:03
    greenpawn is giving some terrible advice. Don't sack pawns - except for the odd game where you're 100% sure it gives you an advantage - , your opponent will be able to use that against you.

    Instead, open simple.

    This or reversed - is a good example of a simple way to open. Do the same with black.

    Then develop quickly. Place your knights on the 3rd rank were they influence the centre (Remember: whoever has control over the centre controls the game), then develop your bishops and castle. But development is not over yet. Play your queen up so to connect your rooks. (remember: the queen is the most vulnerable piece, so keep her safe until your development is completed. The last thing, which many people forget, is to place your rooks on the files ere you want to open the play. Rooks are very powerful and lower rated players forget about them many times.

    In the middle game remember to keep your pieces protected, and always check all checks and captures (by you AND your opponent).

    Also read Seirawan's winning chess series and practice lots of tactics.
  14. 03 Jul '10 10:53
    Ignore them two Grit.

    They hit their ceiling a long time ago.

    Stick with me and you will go through the ceiling, through the roof
    and right up into the stars and onto Planet Greenpawn wwhere you
    can ride pink unicorns, eat chocolate candy floss and have interesting
    chats with Tunid, Potter, and Bumper.

    Look at this suggested pawn structure..

    Huh! All I can see is a 'hole' on d4.

    Now look at this.

    No Holes!
  15. 03 Jul '10 11:14
    You guys really tell it like it is! I appreciate your help, and even though I am embarrassed at my games you looked at, I know you did it to help me.

    I am studying your comments and hope I will make good use of them.

    I guess I really should stick with tactics for now as I just do not have a good vision when I look at the board.

    As someone suggested there are only a few things I need to know about pawns right now. My real priority must be tactics.

    More later.