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  1. 29 Jul '16 15:05
    Richard and me played an amusing game a few years back.
    There was a simple Rook winning trick on the board. We both missed it.
    We played over the game in the comfort of the canteen and again we both missed it.
    A right couple of clowns.

    It was discovered by Richard one year later.

    He rarely plays a dull game and unfortunately his 4th round loss in this
    years British Chess Championship will make a few chess columns.
    (I'll be using it. Sorry mate but stuck for an idea to kick off my next column.)

    R. Birkett - A. Kalaiyalahan, British Champs 2016 (Rd4) White to play.

    28.Rb7 Qxb7 29.Qh7+ Kf6

    And now to his horror Richard saw...

    ...that if the intended 30.Qxb7 Rb8 and White has to give the Queen to avoid the back rank mate.
    White tried for a perpetual with 30. Qxh6+ Kf7 31. Qh5+ Kg8 then resigned. 0-1.


    If we go back to the critical position.

    White can indeed take the Queen but missed it to due to the 'mirage effect.'
    A piece already on a square fails to be visualised back on the original square.

    30.Qxb7 Rb8 White can play 31.Qh7


    The Mirage Effect has been plucked out of the air (it's pretty lame).
    Need a new Chess term to cover that situation. I know the problem world will have a name for it.
  2. 30 Jul '16 14:38
    Just a mirage would do.
  3. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    30 Jul '16 14:57
    Possibly something along the lines of "restoring amnesia", "restoration amnesia", "rebound amnesia", "recurrent amnesia", or probably the best of these "returning amnesia". It's natural to discount the possibility that returning a piece to a square is often the best option so one forgets about the possibility of returning the piece to its earlier square. I feel a "mirage" should refer to some sort of mistake where a player sees an opportunity which isn't actually possible due to some feature of the position, such as a "sting in the tail".
  4. 31 Jul '16 10:53
    Hi Deep Thought,

    Anything 'Amnesia' would possibly work. I think I
    have a god one and will cover it in my next bloggy
    thing which I've started and hope to finish soon.