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  1. 16 Nov '10 21:49
    I am relatively new at chess, and was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions as to a particular program/book that would be of any value. Also, any suggestions for clubs/instructors in the Virginia Beach area? Thank you all in advance.
  2. 17 Nov '10 16:24
    Welcome to the site. I'm pretty new at this, too, and am reading 'Teach Yourself Better Chess', by William Hartston. The gurus here will probably laugh at it, but we gotta start somewhere!
  3. 17 Nov '10 20:32
    Stacks of good advice in that book, A good writer, I don't have the book
    to hand but there was something about they layout I did not like.

    Most likely most of the examples stated from a mid game diagram.
    I've always like playing my way into the critical postion to be discussed.

    Sometimes think he regrets writing How to Cheat as Chess
    and Soft Pawn, because people may not take him seriously.
  4. Standard member nimzo5
    18 Nov '10 00:22
    OP- Play some games on the site, take notes when you decide a move so you have a record of your thought process. After the game is finished post the most perplexing ones here and I am sure you will get some good feedback.

    The best time to get a coach is when you have reached a brick wall in your improvement. If you have any specific questions feel free to shoot me a pm.
  5. 18 Nov '10 03:55
    Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition has a good learning mode. The learning mode has a lot of audio by a famous chess player who does a really good job making chess moves sound really exciting. To start out, I think that would be the fastest way to learn.

    If you have an iphone, shredder chess is a great 'on the go' chess program.

    You also need to learn some opening traps, and how to avoid them.
    1. Scholar's Mate
    2. Fried Liver
    3. Noah's Ark
    and, a trap you could set for yourself:
    4. Fool's mate
  6. 18 Nov '10 11:57
    CT-Art 4.0 tactics trainer.
  7. 18 Nov '10 12:15
    Originally posted by Zygalski
    CT-Art 4.0 tactics trainer.
    I have versions 3 and 4, and got so fed up with how complicated they made aspects of the v4 GUI that I now only use v3. Some online reviews share this view. So I recommend version 3.
  8. 19 Nov '10 02:29
    Thanks all for the comments! I am currently reading B. Pandolfini's "Weapons of Chess." I am somewhat disappointed, however, he has a lot of good information, but he does not go into great detail on any one subject.

    Where should I focus my reading -- openings, middle game, or end game?

    Thanks again.
  9. 19 Nov '10 04:06
    Originally posted by kerbouchard1100
    Where should I focus my reading -- openings, middle game, or end game?
    If you have lots of time, you should study them all. With limited time, study your own games to find your main weaknesses. Then focus your training on your weaknesses as a priority.