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Only Chess Forum

  1. 11 Dec '08 22:26
    Why did they add captured pieces to games in with the pgn brackets?
    I really dislike it.
    Is there a way to remove the captured pieces box?
    My main beef is that I keep my monitor on the biggest setting.
    I have to literally go up and down the page just to make a move on a posted game.
  2. Subscriber kNIGHTHEAD
    aka DEFIANT
    11 Dec '08 22:46
    yeah , I agree,
    I don't like it because at least with the old displqy system one could see the opponents ratings etc, no with this new PGN system
  3. 12 Dec '08 02:27
    It would be nice if instead of showing captured pieces the box could be used for annotations.