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  1. 08 Jul '09 07:25
    I created a new website that allows users to create chess diagrams for use in emails, blogs, websites, twitter, facebook and myspace.

    Please let me know what you think :-)

    - Carlos
  2. 08 Jul '09 08:38 / 3 edits
    It's OK, very simple to use , which is how I like my programs.
    I like the fact it does not take control.
    If I want a diagram with just two Rooks - then I am allowed a diagram
    with just two Rooks.

    All of these other diagram making things tell you - 8 pawns only,
    position must have 2 Kings etc etc and error checks you.
    They take control

    So if I want I can make a Cross with White Kings.
    I can make a cross with white kings.


    Give user option to save as a fen.
    I have copied this fen from url banner on your site but it would be
    good if I could 'click' and save it.

    Invalid FEN inserted - 3KK3/3KK3/3KK3/KKKKKKKK/KKKKKKKK/3KK3/3KK3/3KK3/&h=3hh3/3hh3/3hh3/hhhhhhhh/hhhhhhhh/3hh3/3hh3/3hh3

    Different design of pieces would be good - give us comic ones
    as well as the usual sets - Dr Who - Simpsons, Looney Tunes

    PS: it says on your profile you are a 'world record holder' what as?

    EDIT1: Just tried the embedding option and it works on Chandler Cornered.
    I'll use it - can you make highlighted square a bit more distinct.
  3. 08 Jul '09 08:51
    Tried it and it worked just fine. Was easy to use and I only had to resort to the help page to find to find out that changing the board size only affects the created image.

    You might like to add an option to not store the image, for example if I intend to save the image or if I'm just doing a test one.

    I'll defiantly visit again should I need a chess diagram