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  1. 27 May '07 02:23
    Newbie here. In a recent post of mine, I was cited as a newbie to the chess community. Yes, I am a newbie. I'm a newbie to the politics and etiquette of the game, and to playing with numerous opponents such as here; people who truly know chess inside and out.

    But I have played chess and had a passion for it since age four. Since then, I've won many a game and lost many, but I'd welcome anyone here to a challenge. Though, please, it would need to be 7/7, because I'm in four clans. Thx.
  2. Standard member bannedplayer306509
    Best Loser
    27 May '07 18:00 / 1 edit
    Your On.. I'll send you one now.

    Edite - I can't, your at your max concurrent games.