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  1. 28 Apr '12 01:41

    Position After White's 13th Move
    Black To Play (See Game)

    The game starts with black (me) trying to offer a gambit and make it tactical. It then shifts to a postional game with an attempted positional bind on d3.
    However, after white's 13th move, the fuse is lit and a nice firework display begins.

    For some reason, I am having a devil of a time posting the annotations. The one line that is important is 14.gxf3 gets white mated by 14. ...Qg5+ 15.Kh1 Qf4, with mate on h2. Also if 17.h4 Qg4 leads to a similar finish to the game.

    The thing I like about this game is how the queen persistently threatens to mate the white king, one move after another. It's not a great game, but it was an enjoyable one for me.
  2. 28 Apr '12 01:59
    Strictly for entertainment, here is yesterday's Oops Game Of The Day.

    Truthfully, I think black was just caught off guard by my gambit. Sometimes it hard to adjust mentally from a planned closed/positional French to the wide open chaotic position that ocurred. Black's 8th move just seemed like too much. My idea after that was just to get a check in on h5 as soon as possible. If the king moves to the f file on move 10, he must be on the lookout for Rxf5+ tricks. Again, I just think black was surprised in the opening and failed to adjust. This is always a possibility with sharp tactical openings or gambits.
  3. 10 May '12 17:09 / 1 edit
    The Oops Game Of The Day returns.

    I was black, and I wouldn't be surprised if this entire game has been played before.

    Black mates in 8 moves only moving pawns and knights!
  4. 18 May '12 08:59
    A Double Oopser With A Rook Sacrifice
    Played at 3:30 AM, so don't expect too much!