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  1. 12 May '09 18:52
    hiya.. can somebody enlighten me or point to an FAQ entry (couldn't find any) on 'no timeout' tournaments (say, 0 Day Timeout, 21 Timebank), how do they work and how does one determine a winner? I've never played a timed OTB game so I'm a wee bit puzzled as to what happens. the faster you go, the better in any given game? as you stop your clock ticking?
  2. Standard member peacedog
    12 May '09 19:55 / 1 edit
    Each player gets 21 days for ALL their moves and your time starts depleting as soon as your opponent moves. So the game can only last up to a maximum of 42 days.
    Yes, the faster you move, the more time the other guy will use.
  3. Standard member peacedog
    12 May '09 20:01
    These time controls are most suited to people who spend their life by their keyboard. Or have, in this example, only 42 days to live.
  4. 12 May '09 20:15
    42 IS the meaning to life.
  5. 12 May '09 20:29
    Originally posted by tomtom232
    42 [b]IS the meaning to life.[/b]
    thanks. I got it now

    that's a nice Hitchhiker's reference there