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  1. Standard member dsmfire
    25 Feb '10 13:52
  2. 25 Feb '10 14:41 / 1 edit
    Good entertaining game.


    If Black flicks in 23..Bf4+ 24.Kb1 0-0 then the game is still afoot.

    (check all checks!)
  3. 25 Feb '10 15:26
    Hi DSM.

    No title, one game posted, no notes?

    Just a game that has appeared from nowehere.
    I hope you are alright.

    Maybe your system has crashed.
    Perhaps the electricity has gone out in the whole world.
    No then I would be out too....silly me.

    Your small village is under attack from people who attack small villages.
    I knew this would happen. I told you to move ages ago.

    Ah well.

    Whilst waiting for you get your act together I had a wee shifty at some
    of your games.

    Your profile states your middle name is 'Blunder'.

    OOPS Game 6929530 You lost this.

    You White to play.

    You played 12 Qxd8 perhaps hoping for a blunder 12...Rxe8? 13.Bxe7.
    No harm in playing hoping for a blunder. I do that.

    But the blunder has already been played.

    What should White have played in the above postion?

    You got to jump on these ones DSM.

    Here is one variation, but all appear to win a piece.
    In this one the more they wriggle the worse it gets.