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  1. 16 Nov '16 20:07
    Many players, but no extra quality, no super GMs. actually quite a few of them, the rest is so-called chess plankton.

    Yesterday, as I was playing against Kasparov's media advisor, I noticed several kids running in and out of men's room as if they had bad bladder, so young. I wished to stand up and yell "Kids, go fyck yourselves, outside of the hall!" But I restrained, and after I have finished my game on the way out I noticed that almost all those kids are competitors on the tournament.
    Blessing it was that I restrained myself.

    I notice my playing is more confident and that I am more secure in openings. To-night I played a variation i had played several times on RHP.
    It was such surprise for my 2026 ELO opponent, that he spent 75 minutes fr first 7 moves!
    I can't remember last time someone was such surprised almost puffed by my move. (Maybe in Andorra when a Spanyard was shicked by Ponziani game, as he was Vietnamese bride who saw husband's cucumber for the first time and was shoked that it lookes like aubergini.)
    She was soshort of time that he offered a draw in 21st move although he had extra Pawn. And I was so amused by having such tremednous advantage in time, that I couldn' focus on the game but I was thinking on travelogue I am writing and on threads on RHP forums! I accepted the offer.

    I was severely stepped on toes during evening game. I learned 3 yearsago never to wear sandals when playing chess. The best footwear are Dr Martne's boos with iron spears, like fashionable punk rock style from 1978.

    I was doomed to watch games on neighboring tables.
    I was flanked by two fat guys. Fat people should pay doublle admission for chess tournaments. One could not cover his escaping bread dough belly with his shirt and it trembles as an alien. His opponent was control freak Swede, with matching socks in polished shoes.

    Tomorrow I will post 2 games.
  2. 17 Nov '16 20:49
    I have just won in 7th round, and I am beginning with that game..
    Me White.

    (It was irritating that tournament's site was down so I couldn't see the opponent's name until 5 minutes before Round. When I was trying to find my name, pushing withh other players, I put a finger on the selotaped list and some old Swede put my hand away in a such offensive manner. "Move your finger!", hissed he at me, and I pushed his shoulder and said motherfycker, and so I began the game in very bad mood.
    And it was cute on the beach, I have been swimming for 45 minutes even on the rain.)

    Second game is from Round 1, tough draw, although I had chances to win.
    Me White again.
    (At the start of the game, my clock didn't work. My opponent, Englishman this time, first almost cracked my hand whilst we shook hands, ad then took the clock and went for the umpire. I think it wasn't by the rule, to move the clok from the table. When he came back, my clock was running and I lost ca. 20 seconds... So I began this game too in bad mood.)

  3. 18 Nov '16 20:42
    Further notes.
    One of the umpires is old and sympatico as harsh teacher, and he often makes mistakes in his brief annoucements before every round. He yells: SILENCE! and says "Tomorrow´s round begins half past 10... No, half past five...!" And people lough. Why, I don¨t know.

    An Asian kid is competing. He has a custom to make terrible sounds by squeezing plastic bottle and to c rustle with his score sheet. Some of older players are turning around and shush him.

    A woman brought a glass bottle of water at the chess table.
    But she drinks from plastic glass. Which is absurd.

    A German player has a custom that look his opponent askance after each move, and makes dumb smile, as a child who just said some poo-poo naughty word, and is expecting his parents to freak out.
  4. 18 Nov '16 20:53
    Further notes.

    Yesterday I approached to Nigel Cahpman, GP´s friend from OTB chess. I delivered GP¨s greeting, although I don¨t really remember GP ever sent greetings...
    Be that as is may, Nigel was glad when he heard Geoff¨s name and specially name of RHP site.
    We finished that conversatio pretty friendly, or I got wrong impression.
    Because, today Nigel Champen avoided any eye encounter with me, and when we finally met, he rolled with his eyes as he saw a leper.
    Either he read RHP or it was my bad breath.

    To-night a smart phone rang in the middle of the end of the Round. It wasn¨t any of players but a woman whom I never saw before in the hall, untidy hair, manly but in not very tasty trousers, a specimen of a woman man meets on bus stations in least developed US states and in Serbia of course.

    Her phone rang 3 times before she walked out of hall into the corridor, slowly as female rat in delivery pains.

    I could hear her voice from the corridor.
    I was in zeitnød, decisive moments of my game, and I am candidate for a prize in my rating group.
    I ran from the hall and came to her, she was sitting on the stair and chatting as only women blah-blah-blah and Bosniaks who served army under Tito and now recall the memories in a pub, well, I came to her and said: "Jebem ti majku u pičku da znaš!", which is Serbian curse.
    And then I came back at my table.