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  1. 23 Aug '10 12:08
    d4,c5,d5,g7 then? quite a complex position already arises, I know that e4 or c4 are the main lines but what about bd2 with the intention of trading the dark squared bishops? any ideas chess enthusiasts.
  2. 23 Aug '10 15:34
    3.Bd2 to try and trade bishops looks a waste of time after 3...Bg7 4.Bc3 Nf6

    I think c4 or e4 are the most played moves for a reason. You could also play Nf3, but you'd probably transpose into the same positions as with c4/e4.

    You could also look at alternatives to 2...g6, like 2...e5.
  3. 25 Aug '10 07:45
    thanks for the reply.
  4. 25 Aug '10 11:18
    I'd be surprised if you met a player who allows that trade.
    Anyway,I could find only 2 games with 3.Bd2,both drawn:


  5. 25 Aug '10 12:06
    cheers toet, it is a playable line then.
  6. 25 Aug '10 21:52
    Originally posted by hintjul
    cheers toet, it is a playable line then.
    Should be.You haven't done anything damaging.Just lost time.

    I guess it can be used as a way to avoid theory,get an equal game and just play chess.Best player wins.

    Or draws 😛