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  1. 02 May '13 14:00
  2. 02 May '13 14:56
    You could have made it even more crazy and show boated.

  3. Donation ketchuplover
    02 May '13 16:09
  4. 04 May '13 16:05 / 3 edits
  5. 10 May '13 12:56 / 2 edits
    that's me black playing a much stronger player. did I play well or did my opponent play badly or did i play badly we were both running out of time

  6. 11 May '13 09:24 / 2 edits
    I think i'm finally getting better! I think it's all to do with the way i play the center of the board. some of the strong players i play on blitz that can't win go all quiet after being very chatty in the beginning hehe love it!

    I play white. IDK how to add game comments

  7. 11 May '13 13:57 / 1 edit
    Hi Tim.

    Black missed a mate in one.

    He saw you were threatening cxb7+ winning the d8 Rook so he played 18...bxc6.
    18...Rxd1 checkmate appears to be a better move.

    Blitz IMO is all about making OK/good moves and if you can, avoid blunders.
    (that gets me the 2013 Sherlock Holmes Award for stating the bleeding obvious.)

    Sometimes you can see better looking candidate moves but that will
    require some thought to see if it really is good.
    Then there is a good chance you may blow it by blundering towards the
    end of the game. It's a question of balancing your play with your time.

    So I go for this looks OK, or this looks tricky for him to defend (the spec
    sac with no analysis.)

    To add notes to a game you put a 'space' then { write you note with
    no carriage returns and close with a } 'space'.
    I've noted up a game here. Use the 'Reply & Quote' button to see how it is done.

    Here is a recent blitz game (5 mins) v some lad who is graded on Gameknot 2150.

    kid zebra (AKA GP) - adrenaline101a Gmaeknot April 2013

    Spotting mates from the blue is also a good blitz ploy.
    Of course you must have a head full of mating patterns.
    This MP you will also see posted by Raggers in Robbies thread on
    the two Bishops Sacrifice.

    madcastelli - Me. Gameknot April 2013

  8. 14 May '13 03:55 / 2 edits
    This is a crazy blitz game.
    (well not really I have loads of games like this.)

    I mess around in the opening get a lovely lost position and then...

    kidzebra - pcbrokers gameknot 14th May 2013