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  1. Standard member Removed
    28 Mar '12 04:38
    why do players make one move and leave?
  2. 28 Mar '12 05:02
    That happens to me a lot too. I usually title the invite "Make Some Moves Now". If they still only make a move and leave, I just delete the game and put out a new invite.
  3. 28 Mar '12 13:29
    I just had the opposite happen to me.

    The game name is "online now play quickly." I took the invite a little after 11 pm with the intention of going to bed around midnight and getting the game well underway by then. Black's first move happened over five hours later.
  4. 28 Mar '12 15:14
    Originally posted by johnnight1
    why do players make one move and leave?
    It's a relict, a remnant of an old custom - push elevator button on the ground floor and go (sometimes run).
    Also there is a widespread belidf that, if you push elevatro buton twice (or keep pushing), the elevatro will move faster. That's why some try to double their moves.