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  1. Standard member Lord Of Pie
    Worlds Greatest Noob
    07 Nov '07 23:45
    Don't bother analyzing it, numerous mistakes were made on both sides and one player was rated below 500 and the other provisional.

    1: e4 e5
    2: Nf3 Qf6?
    3: d4 Nc6
    4: Bg5 Qd6
    5: Nc3 Nxd4
    6: Nxd4 exd4
    7: Nb5 Qb4+
    8: c3 dxc3
    9: bxc3 Qxe5+
    10: Be2 Qxg2
    11:Qc1 At this point the white player touches the queen my accident and is forced to move it
    11: ... Qxh1+
    12: Kd2 Qxc1
    13: Kxc1 a6
    14: Nxc7#
  2. 07 Nov '07 23:48
    So what's the point of posting it?