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Only Chess Forum

  1. 03 Dec '14 09:16
    what are the best online resources for sub 1200 players
  2. 03 Dec '14 09:35
    Probably Blog 4.

    It's fun to read, most is comprehensible to anyone and a big focus on missed shots and blunders, which is precisely what is needed at that level.
  3. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    03 Dec '14 17:14

    Practise tactics, do them slowly and focus on getting them correct.
  4. 08 Dec '14 04:53
    I like are a lot of videos you can watch on various openings. Lots of games if you like fast (blitz) type games...good live stream coverage of major tournament, etc.
  5. 08 Dec '14 11:49
    Some of my favourites:

    Tim Brennan's "Tactics Time" blog / newsletter:

    For openings - very useful if you end up with a lousy position after just a few moves and want to see where you went wrong:

    For playing over old games (new games are there as well, but I mostly use it for older ones):

    For amazing stories about the history of chess and chess players:

    Streetfighting Chess. Proving that the art of annotating chess games is not dead!

    Another chess tactics server. I haven't used this for a while as I tend to play blitz games instead:
  6. 08 Dec '14 13:53
    Another one is by Bill Wall...Lots of articles & historical information.
  7. Standard member adam warlock
    Baby Gauss
    09 Dec '14 03:06
    Originally posted by gruntypunt
    what are the best online resources for sub 1200 players
    The best resource for sub 1200 players is the following site:

    And it is the best by far
  8. 09 Dec '14 11:08 / 2 edits
    Blog 4

    I kniow the guy that does this. He is very handsome.

    Probably the handsomest of all the handsome chess players.