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  1. Standard member mipmcpt
    manchester clan
    23 May '06 12:23
    I am a a relative beginner to chess, what is meant by the terms a closed game or an open game?

    And what critera is there for choosing either closed or open?

  2. 23 May '06 12:26
  3. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    23 May '06 13:31
    To a first approximation: In open games the central pawns have been swapped off so the board is open and the bishops rule. In a closed game the central pawns are locked up and the knights are more important.
  4. Standard member onyx2006
    23 May '06 14:45
    o p e n g a m e s

    closed games

    ....i'll get my coat.
  5. 23 May '06 16:32
    A basic explanation would be that an open game transpires after the moves 1e4, e5. and a closed game begins 1d4, d5. But the terms can be used more loosely and do not necessarily apply to the response of black.
  6. 23 May '06 16:43
    Open games have normal business hours of 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.
  7. Standard member Briscoe
    23 May '06 18:04
    open games are sluts
  8. 25 May '06 00:43
    so? you got a problem with sluts?
  9. 25 May '06 01:50
    Depends on if they have STD's...