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  1. 07 May '17 05:21
    Just looking for opinions here. You're playing against an opponent of approximately the same strength as yourself, it's the middle-game, your position is about even, you've run out of attacking ideas and can find no way to improve your position. What do you do?

    1. Find a forcing move, and make something happen, even though the outcome is unclear.

    2. Seek to place your pieces on their best defensive squares, and wait for your opponent to declare their intentions.

    3. Find a sound move just to save yourself from violating time control, though it's of no real help.

    4. Something else (specify)
  2. 07 May '17 06:23 / 2 edits
    Depends if my opponent is in the same situation. If there is no way to improve the position for either side, then I'll offer a draw and make a move which keeps the status quo. If my opponent has a way to improve his position and I do not. Then it becomes clear that if I do nothing I am most likely losing and will have to do something.
  3. 07 May '17 09:37
    This often the cause of a defeat, players thinking they must be doing something.

    You can always find a way of passing, even if it is playing Kg1-h1.
    Do not use a pawn move to pass.