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  1. 23 Apr '10 03:07
    Say I start playing someone who's 150 rating points above me. By the end of the game, which I win in this hypothetical case, my opponent has been on a losing streak and is actually rated below me.

    As far as the rating engine is concerned, am I playing someone 150 points stronger than myself, or someone weaker than myself, or what?

    just curious. i see the algorithm info in the FAQ area but this particular issue isn't addressed.
  2. 23 Apr '10 04:29 / 2 edits
    Ratings are adjusted at the end of the game. What your or your opponent's rating was at the beginning of the game is not factored into the rating calculation.
  3. 23 Apr '10 18:01
    Bummer but I figured probably.

    Thanks -